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Widdershins: Piece of Cake - Up on Kickstarter now!

The formerly prestigious Hotel Gula in Widdershins is this year’s host for the National Bakeoff competition, and gifted young baker Alexa King has every intention of winning. But unfortunately for her, the prize is not quite what she expected…

Flung into the past and faced with a foe with an endless appetite for the finer things in life, it’s down to her and a mismatched kitchen staff of maids, criminals, housewives and more to figure out how to escape the never-ending buffet.

Can Alexa uncover the Hotel’s mysteries before she and her fellow cooks end up on the menu?


The Kickstarter for Widdershins Volume 4 is up! Come and grab a copy! Like the sound of it, but don’t have spare funds? You can read it online here, or start at the beginning of Widdershins here, all for free!

Any reblogs/tweets/general word spreading would be super appreciated. Thanks, everyone, I will go cross my fingers now!

Widdershins is wonderful and this is one of my favorite chapters of it thus far.

FCC Net Neutrality deadline extended to Friday



The FCC’s site has been so hammered by comments from people angry about its plans to enact Cable Company Fuckery that many haven’t been able to get through.

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I don’t normally like to reblog anything that’s not all  entertainment. I consider my tumblr a place that hopefully provides people with some fun. This is pretty important to webcomic artists and online sellers, though.

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