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Thanks to those that backed and those that spread the word we’ve made the initial goal of $9,000 in only one week! This is outstanding and we are absolutely blown away by your support. It means a lot knowing that there’s enough people out there that want this project to see completion. We’ve gotten so many friendly notes and well-wishes, be they from long-time readers or those that found out about Derelict via the Kickstarter. It’s been a downright amazing experience so far. 

Now, with three whole weeks left, it’s time to talk stretch goals!

Goal 1 - $14,000 - The Guide to Miasmics

A guide to the Derelict world’s most common monsters - the Miasmic Races - will be included in both the printed book and the PDF. This guide will be at least six pages of sketches and text, possibly more, and all written and drawn from the perspective of one of the researches aboard the Goya. It will shed some light on Miasmic physiology and psychology, and include a translation of many of the strange symbols we’ve seen in Book 1, and some symbols we’ve yet to see.
Note that none of the information this provides will be essential in understanding the rest of Derelict, though it will lend an extra layer of insight on one of the world’s strange races.

Goal 2 - $19,000 - 300% Updates for 3 Months + Bonus Postcard
At this stage Derelict can temporarily become a full time job, allowing for three updates a week instead of the current rate of one update a week. Bonus updates will begin with the start of Book 2 on January 1st, and last through the end of March 2014.

Additionally, a 4th postcard will be made featuring the Ark City of Arbutus. All Airboat ($45) and higher tier backers will receive this card.

More stretch goals will be announced if we get close, but safe to say that for every $10,000 there will be 3 months of bonus updates.

Once again, thank you all SO MUCH for your support in whatever form it’s taken - be it backing the project, spreading the word, or silently crossing your fingers. Your contributions are helping to make a dream come true here.

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